Project Information
ITEA project name 14003 Medolution
Status Running
Period Dec 2015 – Nov 2018
Call ITEA 3 Call 1
Partners 19
Countries Canada


Medolution proposes reducing the cost of healthcare while improving the patients’ quality of life. The project aims to create smart environments that integrate professional and user created data, leading to relevant information that supports patients and healthcare professionals in their decision-making on diagnosis, treatment and further monitoring, from reactive to preventive.


People are living longer and want to stay independent and mobile while, at the same time, an increasing proportion of the population is suffering from chronic diseases. The consequent growing need for medical care is rapidly driving up healthcare costs. Faced with societal and economic challenges in the medical care sector, especially in European countries, Medolution aims to support the healthcare industry, software vendors and service providers by turning innovative possibilities offered by advanced analysis of big healthcare data into new commercial service concepts and products.


medolution domain

An increase in the efficiency of both reactive and proactive care and services will provide effective support to healthcare professionals. What is needed is a large amount and variety of enriched and accurate information and tools, based upon relevant healthcare information extracted from data originating from diverse sources for effective interpretation. In addition to image and sensor data –from both medical and consumer devices – historical data from individuals and the latest medical evidence sources or existing databases containing medical study data also form sources of relevant information. Medolution will build upon the results of MEDUSA, which provides collaborative cloud access to medical information that is relevant in critical situations, adding long-term monitoring and decision support. Security, latency and collaboration will be the focus of innovation in Medolution.


  • Early and pro-active decision support for patients and healthcare professionals through timely meaningful alerts and notifications.
  • Generate healthcare predictions based on continuous trend analysis and the sharing of healthcare data between devices and persons.
  • Integrate and combine enormous amounts of heterogeneous data and data sources.
  • Ensure the safety and reliability of the devices in the patient’s environment as well as the security and privacy of data.