work package structure


Work Package 1 (leader: Gokce Banu LALECI ERTURKMEN – Software research & Developmenet Consultancy , TR) 

Requirements analysis: carries out a thorough state of the art analysis and elicits user and system requirements.

Work Package 2(leader:  Henk VAN DEN BRINK – Technolution, NL)

Medolution architecture: develops an architecture that supports the combination of heterogeneous devices, big data analysis, both in real time and long term, deployment on the cloud and connectivity to the healthcare.

Work Package 3(leader:  Frerk MÜLLER-VON ASCHWEGE – OFFIS, DE)

Device-based Systems: supports the systematic development of device-based systems focusing on functional correctness, safety, security, reliability and real-time constraints.

Work Package 4 (leader:  François EXERTIER  – Atos BDS, FR) 

Application platform & infrastructure: provides the Medolution Core platform that will connect the heterogeneous sources of healthcare information and the intelligent application modules.

Work Package 5(leader:  Huub RUTTEN Sopheon, NL)

Smart Medolution Applications: designs and develops smart applications for analyzing and aggregating data captured by sensors, imaging devices, other medical devices, EHR systems, for diagnosis and conclusions and for the notification and visualization of these to end users.

Work Package 6(leader: Celine BADR KANAANPrologue, FR)

Medolution system management: Secure a coherent centralized management module for the Medolution system.

Work Package 7(leader: Jan-Dirk HOFFMANNSchüchtermann, DE)

Demonstrations of prototypes: deploys the SW prototypes developed by Medolution in the other work packages into suitable demonstrators as proof of Medolution concept.

Work Package 8(leader: Frank VAN DER LINDEN Philips, NL)

Dissemination, exploitation and project management: supports the technical, financial and contribution aspects of the other work packages.