Talks & Press Releases



  • Sopheon Press Release 19 October 2017

Sopheon Awarded Funding for European Research Projects

  • Philips Healthcare Success Story

  • OFFIS web site, 16/02/2017

  • NORIMA, 12/04/2017


Presentations and Demos in Exhibitions and Industrial Congresses

  • Wolfgang Thronickle, Presentation of Medolution at the conhIT fair 2017 in Berlin
  • Wolfgang Thronickle, Presentation of Medolution at Medica 2017 (world forum for medicine / international trade fair), Düsseldorf
  • Celine Badr,  IoT Solutions World Congress, Barcelona, 3-5 October 2017
  • Robert Polson, Medolution Project, Digital Innovation Forum in Amsterdam 2017
  • Frank van der Linden, Booth for the Medolution Consortium, DIF 2017
  • Sophie Lang, Poster at Maidis Booth in the Arab health 2017 , Healthcare Exhibition & Medical Congress in Middle East – Arab Health

Talks of consortium members

Huub Rutten

  • High Level Group Eureka meeting Brussels – testimonial on ITEA, copresentation with, 18 January2017:
  • Key note opening session Barcelona Eureka Conference, 2017

M.D, Prof Nils Reiss,

  • Annual Meeting German Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2017, Leipzig
  • 37th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, San Diego, CA, USA
  • Heart Failure 2017 and 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure, Paris, France.
  • eHealth Summit 2017, Vienna, Austria
  • The relevance of telemonitoring and big data, ITEA international customer & end-user workshop on Smart Health, 21-22 June 2016 Berlin,


  • Remote-Monitoring of LVAD-Related Parameters: the Medolution project. Session on Monitoring and Telemedical care in HF Patients (Joint session with EACPR) Thu, 27 October, Third European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth, 26-28 October, 2016 Berlin,

Abdelghani CHIBANI

  • Medolution a European Research Project for enhancing the self management and follow up of Parkinson Patients, IEEE ICABME17, 20/10/2017, Beirout, Lebanon,


Wolfgang Thronicke

  • C-Lab – Atos, Würden Sie Ihr Herz der Cloud anvertrauen? Big Data Analyseanwendungen für Big Dependable Systems, Kick-off der Fachgruppe Smart Data & Data Analytics, Revolutionieren Daten„ Gesundheit“? Mittwoch, 23.11.2016, Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften -ISAS- e.V.  Otto-Hahn-Str. 6b 44227 Dortmund